Payroll & Tax Support

Could A Fully Managed Payroll Solution Be The Right Answer For Your Business?

If you’ve ever had to re-run payroll, complete W2-Cs, or fear an audit, you know that processing payroll can be complicated. To reduce the risk of error many lean payroll teams choose to outsource some or all of their payroll function to qualified, certified payroll professionals like the Managed Payroll team at Wise Consulting. Experts…

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Global Payroll Implementation Tips, Part 2: Transforming Your Vision into Action

Global payroll implementation requires careful consideration, research and completion of a multitude of tasks before successfully reaching a go-live date. We covered a major piece of the pre-planning phase in Part 1, where we provided tips for defining your global vision. Once you have navigated system choice, overseas partner relationships, the cross-culture employee experience, the…

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How Temporary Payroll Support Sets Your Team Up For Success

While it would be nice to have extra employees who can cover job duties when someone takes time off, it’s more likely that your team is operating leaner than it has in the past. The smaller payroll teams get, the more likely it is that an absent payroll employee will be a problem for your…

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Improve Payroll Confidence By Reducing Tax Errors

Ensuring employees are paid accurately and your business stays compliant can help prevent IRS fines and other inconveniences. With stakes so high, many organizations choose to bring in help to ensure compliance. Here at Wise, we make it our business to get it done right. Wise consultants are U.S. and Canada-certified and can assist you…

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When Do Retroactive Covid Credits End?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the workplace in many ways. From the prevalence of remote work to the Great Resignation and labor shortages. One significant payroll change was the introduction of the Employee Retention Tax Credit, which allows qualifying employers to claim tax credits based on the qualifying wages they paid to their employees from March…

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Year-End is Hectic: Consider Options for Making it Easier in 2023

For many payroll professionals, year-end task lists and unforeseen compliance issues are a source of major stress. This is why our Wise certified payroll experts work hard to support clients with year-end help and guidance. However, sometimes payroll teams don’t know they will need help until they are  deep in year-end, halfway through December when…

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Finalize Your Year-End Checklist NOW to Achieve a Smooth Year-End

As we move into mid-November, you should ideally have your year-end checklist drafted. If that’s not the case, we understand and we can certainly help! Read on to find out how our payroll experts can provide the guidance or heavy lifting to bring your organization an accurate, compliant, secure, and successful year-end. How Do You…

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Do You Know Where Your Remote Workers Are? Here’s Why You Should Care

Understanding our critical role in helping protect our clients from risk, Wise payroll professionals want to provide education about employer responsibilities regarding remote and hybrid workers. Ana Woods-Hill, CPP, Manager of Payroll Services with Wise, says all organizations with remote or hybrid employees need to be asking the question: “What is an employer’s responsibility to…

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Assessing the Real Cost of Remote Working

Are you aware of the business tax implications surrounding the 2020 mass shift to remote working? Before making firm decisions about future remote working scenarios or changing physical business locations, examine the impact that state and local tax rules and regulations will have on your HCM team, your workers and your bottom line. Though State…

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2020 Payroll Issues You Need to Keep an Eye On

Those of you keeping an eye on payroll issues affecting 2020 may already have taken note that the New Year holiday of January 1, 2021 will fall on a Friday. Wise consultant and Vice President of the American Payroll Association, Ginnette Clark, CPP, outlines some of the year-end issues coming up, starting with why the…

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Payroll consultants analyzing data on their computer

Celebrating Payroll Professionals for Persevering Through the Pandemic

As we roll on from National Payroll Week, we hope you continue to celebrate the amazing payroll professionals who have bravely battled their way through over six months of complex COVID-response legislation, COVID Act claims tracking, changing IRS forms, and who knows what next? With three and a half more months and a daunting year-end…

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businessman and businesswoman are inspecting tax contract

Tax Jurisdiction Registration – A Necessary Evil

With year-end approaching (hello, September!) in a year that has been riddled with irregularities, getting ducks lined up is imperative. This includes completing vital tasks such as tax jurisdiction registration. It’s not always fast or easy, but you can’t complete W-2’s without those pesky withholding account numbers. Here, the Wise tax team shares some things…

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Image of businessperson pointing at document in touchpad at open enrollment planning meeting

COVID Considerations for Open Enrollment

Nothing is going untouched by the pandemic in 2020, open enrollment included. Much of the impact will be unique to each organization based on their experience of navigating the past four months of COVID-19 issues. Not all industries have been challenged in the same ways, not all employee populations have suffered the same rates of…

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team of hr professionals planning for open enrollment season

Achieving a Smooth Open Enrollment For Your Business

“Begin with the end in mind,” suggests Wise Consultant Janice Burnett, CPP, PHR. “When is your vendor expecting to get an open enrollment file from you? What is the drop-dead date? Take that date and work back from there.” Janice estimates that 10-14 weeks before your vendor expects your file is when you should begin…

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employee doing work at his computer with his phone

How COVID is Changing Payroll and Year-End

How bad will 2020 year-end be for people who are not preparing now? “It’s going to be bad,” predicts Cory Makle, FPC, Client Payroll Specialist with Wise. “Because of everything that’s going on, starting now is a good idea. If you’re not looking up until later, you are going to have problems. You definitely have…

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Implementation Support

Wise works as a skilled, experienced extension of your team to help you make the best decisions for your organization’s unique needs throughout the life-cycle of your critical implementation project.

Payroll Support

Fully certified Wise payroll experts have valuable practitioner experience and a commitment to staying on top of tax regulations, security and compliance issues.

HCM Technology Support

Experienced, knowledgeable Wise consultants offer expertise to fix stubborn problems and complete critical projects that help you optimize your HCM technology.

“We have a very skilled team and yet every time we are interacting with Wise, you
guys are teaching me something. Augmenting staff with best practices from someone
who has been there before really helps the pace of an integration project. We think
of Wise as members of our own team and grant them that same level of autonomy.”

Carl Schleyer, Vice President
Total Rewards And Human Resources For PSAV