Getting the Most from Your Investment

When you don’t know what your HCM system and payroll process aren’t doing for you, it’s hard to know what to do to make it better. Whether it’s examining System Utilization, your Payroll Process, System Configuration, Change Management, BI, or Analytics: maximizing your software investment makes excellent business sense.

Improve Accuracy

Payroll Process Review

A Wise payroll expert will examine the entire sequence of events that coordinates each payroll cycle. They will communicate key insights and recommendations about how to make improvements so you have the knowledge you need to make it more efficient, accurate, compliant and secure.

Increase Return on Investment

System Utilization Review

A complete evaluation of how well your HCM system is working to meet your business needs, the review identifies ways in which your organization can improve and optimize your critical systems to achieve maximum return on investment. A comprehensive report with findings and recommendations is presented to your team. Leveraging the knowledge of a consultant with years of experience gives you the confidence to improve your operations.

Improve Employee Engagement

Change Management

Managing expectations, reaction and participation can be tricky. Especially when asking people to adopt new processes and behaviors. Wise consultants will work with you to pre-plan, prepare for, communicate, develop training for and facilitate the adoption of the new HCM software within your organization.

businesswoman analyzing payroll software on her laptop.
Expand with Confidence

Global Configuration

Whether it’s through acquisition, merger or pure growth, when your organization needs to meet the requirements of global payroll, Wise has you covered with proven expertise. Through setting up your global configuration, general ledger interfaces, global workforce security, identifying a consolidator, and training, testing & rollout for each country, Wise is your partner in completing the project successfully.

Add Strategic Value

Business Intelligence, Analytics & Dashboards

When managed properly, data can tell powerful stories and unlock answers to drive return on investment. Harnessing the power of BI and analytics can bring real value to your organization and shift the strategic role of HR. Learning how to utilize the tools available to you and build out dashboards to access results can transform how your organization makes decisions.


Our Services

At Wise, the practitioner experience and hands-on knowledge our consultants have in specialized fields means we can offer high-quality support services across the Human Capital Management and Payroll spectrum.

Our Partners

At Wise Consulting, we believe that relationships are important. Just as we are passionate about providing the best possible support to our clients, for over twenty years Wise has been committed to productive partnership with two innovative companies that offer award-winning single-solution HCM Cloud Software product suites.

Our Resources

Our blog and videos are packed full of information about all things Human Capital Management and Payroll. For insight into what is happening in the HCM world and tips from our experienced consultants about optimizing your resources, click to learn.

"I’ve worked with a lot of third party consulting firms, both small and large, over the years. I’ve had overall best experience with Wise Consulting. The service is exceptional. They aren’t just consultants, they are true partners and members of the team."

Vice President of HR Technology