[Wiseglo.com] WERA 454 SCREWDRIVER HEX 2.5/200 T-HANDLE 05013303001
Price RM53.00
Brand Wera
Availability 9

A 2.5mm T-handled hexagon screwdriver with Wera's Hex-Plus blade that helps to prevent wear inside hexagon socket screw heads. Hex-Plus provides larger contact zones in the screw head, reducing the notching effect to a minimum and protecting the profile.

The ergonomic design of the T-handle fills the palm of the hand, with the fingers resting in the soft, rounded recesses. Thus the whole hand is in contact with the handle for maximum grip.

  • 2.5mm hex blade
  • Length 200mm
  • Hex-Plus blades help to prevent wear inside screw heads
  • Ergonomically designed T-handle fills the palm for maximum grip
  • Wera 454