[Wiseglo.com] WERA 05060143001 867/4 Z TORX BORE HOLE TX 25 x 70MM BLADE, 1/4" DRIVE
Price RM36.00
Brand Wera
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  • . Wera Series 4 867/4 Z Sheet Metal Bit, TORX Bore Hole TX 25 x 70mm blade, 1/4" Drive
  • Wera Bits are designed for the most demanding applications in trade and industry. They are designed to have the ability to transfer high torque loads, safe to use and extremely durable. The greater elasticity of tough viscous bits prevents premature breakages of the tip of the tool.
  • Features Wera's tough viscous design, for TORX BO (bore hole) screws, TX 25 x 70mm blade x 1/4" Drive
  • For hexagon bit holders and direct drives
  • Wera Bits for hard materials (e.g. metal sheets or structures) prevent premature breakages of the tip, created by the large amounts of peak torque generate to the screw and bit